Patent Drafting

The perfect patent drafting is of paramount importance for the best and most secured patent application. Only a well-drafted patent application holds the highest chances of being accepted, and granted the rights of patent to, by the concerned patent office. The well-informed and scrupulous patent drafting is executed by Global Jurix, promptly and economically, for all scientific and technical fields and in all countries.

A patent application mainly consists of a comprehensive and complete description of the new invention (called the Patent Specification), necessary official forms and enclosures, and all official correspondence in favor of the patent application. The Patent Specification is the most important patent related document, and requires experienced advocate and technical expert for its excellent and most convincing preparation. The Cover Page usually bears the Title of the invention, Name of the inventor or applicant, and the Date of Filing. The patent specification generally contains --- the background and overview of the original and new invention; lucid description of the invention, processes, systems, and modes of operation; description of drawings, processes, and technical words, if any; an abstract summary of the invention; claims; and the scope for protection.

Patent Drafting Services

Global Jurix has been providing patent drafting services for patent filing at the National Patent Offices, International patent offices (under the Patent Cooperation Treaty of World Intellectual Property Organization), and the Regional Patent Offices (such as the European Patent Office, EPO). For more information about these, readers may go through our sections named Patent Filling and Patent Application. Proceeding through the Regional or PCT routes, is quite cost-effective, labor-saving, and utmost beneficial. By filing and prosecuting a patent application at only one office, inventor or applicant is well-facilitated to obtain patents recognized by a cluster of countries, in such courses.

Our patent drafting services present the patent application for filing, in the best possible way, in respect of appropriate formatting (forms, paper size, font, layout, the order of sections, headings and sub-headings, etc.), flawless and convincing patent specification, requisite enclosures, and the decent way of presentation.

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