Patent Filing

The patent filing is the process or instance of presenting a well-prepared patent specification as per the laws of the concerned national or regional patent office, for scrupulous observation, examination, and approval, and thereafter, granting the due patent rights to the inventor or applicant, and complete protection to his/her unique invention for a specified period of time in the future. The patent filing rules, requirements, and procedures vary from country to country, and keep changing constantly for refinement.

Therefore, a well-informed, adequately experienced, and expert hand is greatly welcome and cherished for patent filing of any type of patents at the concerned patent offices. Fully reliable, confidential, prompt, economical, and excellent patent filing process and services of Global Jurix have been supporting thousands of inventors, patent owners, companies, and organizations of engineering, medical, life sciences, technical, scientific, and technological fields, in obtaining their patents, easily, smoothly, and punctually. It is noteworthy that the patent registration is of paramount importance for the complete legal and governmental protection and security to the original, creative, and unique inventions, and to the business utilizations and trading of such patented things and materials by the inventors or patent owners.

Patent Filing Process and Services

Our patent filing process and services are available to inventors and owners of materials to be patented of all over the world, for patent filing at the patent office of national, regional, and International levels. The European Patent Convention (EPC), and the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (governed by the World Intellectual property organization, WIPO) have been the famous and popular means of benefiting our clients involved in international business generously.

Different patent offices have different rules and patent filing procedures relating to the format of patent specification, enclosures, paper size, font size, layout, ordering of sections, headings, and summary and abstract. The patent specification is an intelligent and wise description of the new and original invention of the inventor, and essentially contains the background and details of the invention; creativity, novelty, and vast utility of the invention; areas where protection is required; and embodiments of the invention and claims.

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