Patent Litigation

A patent litigation occurs when a patent holder (an inventor, company, or any legal entity) accuses another of patent infringement in the court of law, through filing a patent infringement lawsuit. The patent infringement cases are the major causes of patent litigation in countries all across the world. Such patent litigation cases can be filed in the district, provincial, national, International, or regional law court, under the jurisdiction of which the patent infringement is claimed of being committed. The patent litigation cases can also be brought before the International Trade Commission (ITC) for proper or better settlement, in necessary. One of the famous and popular legal organizations of the world, with liaison offices in most of the major cities, Global Jurix tackles all these types of patent litigation cases at the pertinent courts of law.

The patent infringement is committing a prohibited act or activity unlawfully by an unauthorized person or company, without the permission (usually in the form of a license) of the present patent holder. Such patent infringement activities may involve manufacturing, using, selling, or importing a patented thing or material, for one's own commercial or other benefits. Our teams of experienced and expert patent attorneys and lawyers have been handling diverse patent litigation cases related to the patents of Scientific, Medical, Technical, Technological fields, and Life Sciences.

Patent Litigation Process and Services

Our patent litigation process and services are available for both Plaintiff and Defendant parties, at law courts of all across the world. Our patent lawyers, patent attorneys, and patent litigators, are well-experienced in prosecuting patent infringement cases pertaining to almost all fields responsibly, promptly, and rather economically. Our patent litigation process and services on behalf of plaintiff or defendant, start with the drafting or filing of the patent infringement lawsuit at any national or International law court of jurisdiction.

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