Patent Prosecution

The Patent Prosecution refers to all the activities and interactions between the patent applicants or their representatives, and the officials of the concerned patent office, in connection with a patent application, its favor and support, or amendment or opposition to a granted patent. Here it may be noted that the patent prosecution is different from the patent litigation, which exclusively deals with the legal actions and activities in response to any infringement of patents. Global Jurix provides reliable, confidential, punctilious, and economical patent prosecution services in favor of almost all types of patents, at regional, national, and international patent offices responsibly and punctually.

Patent Prosecution Services

Global Jurix is a full-fledged law firm of worldwide reach and repute, which has been offering a full-range of legal services to almost all major and significant sectors of commerce and economy, in countries all around the whole world. The patent prosecution services, particularly the international patent prosecution services, require a rather broad and exclusive range of knowledge and information, and processes and procedures followed by different patent offices. Prudent, scrupulous, and secure patent prosecution services are necessary for obtaining the cherished and impeccable patent rights punctually with a wide-ranging protection and security. Our well-experienced and mature intellectual property and patent lawyers and attorneys are expert at both pre-grant patent prosecution and post-grant prosecution.

So far, Global Jurix has helped a large number of inventors, patent owners, business corporations, and organizations of the sectors of scientific, technical, technological, medical, life sciences, engineering, etc., regarding their patent application and prosecution at the domestic, regional, and international patent offices concerned. Patent filing and prosecution at the European Patent Office (EPO) under European Patent Convention (EPC), and the Receiving Office under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), have been our major services in respect of patents. For more information regarding PCT filing and its benefits, please refer to our 'PCT Filing' service.

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