Patent Registration

In this age of ever-increasing risks of duplication, fraud, and forgery in the highly competitive current commercial businesses, the Patent Registration is the need of the day, and pre-requisite for subsistence and growth. The patent registration not only provides protection and security to any new invention, but also the privileged right to the patent owner to utilize the invention lawfully and boldly for one's own desired benefits, maintaining a unique and specific identity and dignity of the patented product and the company. Once registered the patent can willingly and preferably be used as a security commodity or asset, and therefore, traded or hired, in the national and international markets.

The patent rights relating to a specific and unique idea, product, method or process, apparatus or device, or other material, give the owner of these an exclusive right to use the patented things for commercial business or other purposes, for a specified period of time in the future, usually 20 years from the date of patent registration. Any other individual, company, business, entrepreneur, or businessman, who tries to make use of such invention or discovery for his/her benefits illegally, will do nothing but commit infringement against this patent (and is therefore, punishable). Global Jurix, a globally prominent legal organization of India with worldwide liaison and network, extends patent registration and patent law services to the patent owners of all across the world, in addition to well-rounded legal services to commercial business and other sectors of economy.

Patent Law Services

Our has been offering patent law services to inventors, discoverers, companies, corporations, and organizations in the following areas:
  • Patent Searching, Drafting, Filing, and Registration
  • Patent Application and Licensing
  • Patent Harvesting and Business
  • Patent Protection and Maintenance
  • Patent Infringement
  • Patent Prosecution and Defense
  • And, all other matters, disputes, and litigations related to Patents.

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