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Patent search is generally searching prior publications of patent and non-patent documents using both paid and unpaid databases. Global Jurix possesses a team of highly skilled and experienced research professionals, expert patent agents, and highly qualified scholars having doctoral degrees in the respective technical field. With immense and exclusive help of technical team, we are equipped to deliver meticulous, prompt, scrupulous, reliable and cost-effective patent search services in the fields of Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Life Sciences, and other allied sciences.

Patent search is carried out based on the concern issues of a particular client. Searches includes the following :
  1. Patentability search : Patentability search is performed to ensure that the subject matter of the invention is not disclosed or claim or publish or use in India or anywhere else in the world. By conducting a patentability search one can easily map the state-of-the-art technology and understand whether their invention is novel or fulfill the criteria of patentability. On the other hand, it will avoid a product developer from falling into the trap of anticipated infringement suits. Other benefits of the patentability search are for the inventors who are engaged in research and development. They can grasp the problem to be solved in the art and work their ideas to be suitable for the patentability criteria. The applicants can determine whether they shall file a patent application or not. This will obviously prevent from filing a patent application which is not novel by spending huge expenditure on attorneys and government fees.
  2. Infringement Searches : This type of search is conducted in order to ensure that whether the product or process of an invention is infringing on any third party's active patent. When an infringement search is performed, it is only concerned with the claims of unexpired patents. Patent infringement can be of direct or inherent in nature. There is only a thin line whether an infringement is direct or inherent in nature. Therefore, infringement search are carried out by the Patent Attorneys or experts in search.
  3. Validity/invalidity search : Validity searches are carried out by companies or individuals for the purpose of determining the validity of an active patent. The searcher is looking for issued patents or publications, expired patents that anticipate or make obvious for such patent. The searcher could also be looking for earlier public knowledge on user of the invention, technical errors, fraud, or any other criteria that would cause the patent to be declared invalid. Therefore, validity search is performed to determine whether an active patent is valid and enforceable according to the patent law of that country.
  4. Patent Watch : Patent watch services can be tailored according to the requirement or specific area of focus to provide the latest patent or non-patent literature information based on the selected criteria. It can be of the following:
    • Subject Matter
    • Class/Sub-class
    • Assignee
    • Authors
    • Inventor/ applicant
    • Legal Status
    • Expert analysis report/ raw data / information.
Mode of Searching

Patent can be searched using suitable keywords, title of the invention, inventor's name, applicant's name, publication number, application number, priority number, date of filing and patent number, IPC code and any other bibliographic details given in the patent application.

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