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Patent is a techno-legal documents which gives protection for an invention. In order to file a patent application an invention it must be novel, it must have technical advancement over the prior arts and it must be capable of industrial application. Patent applications can be filed as ordinary application (provisional or complete application), PCT Application under Patent Cooperation Treaty, PCT National Phase application, Convention application under the Paris convention. In India, an applicant can also file as a divisional application and Patent of Addition following a parent patent for incremental innovations. A patent in India is granted for a period of 20 years from the priority date thereafter it becomes open for the public to us. The statutory fees of a Patent application is determined on the basis of number of pages, number of claims and number of priorities (in case of PCT and convention application).

The applications for patent are not examined by the examiner suo moto. An applicant or any interested third party has to file a Request for First Examination and further it is subject to examination. Office action issued for the First Examination report is to be replied within the 12 months and failure to compliance with the deadline will be treated as abandonment. The renewal fees of the patent application fall due after two years from the date of filing the application. The statutory charges pertaining to filing, renewal and various other procedures of Patent is different for individual and corporate bodies. It is to be noted that Registration doesn't confirms protection of the patent up to 20 years. If the applicant wants to keep the patent alive then he has to pay the renewal fees within the stipulated date of payment of annual fees.

Patent Services

Our patent departments form a synergetic combination of expertise in one place for the benefit of clients with inventions across all fields of technologies. Our patent services include:
  • Prior art Search
  • drafting of patent specifications in all fields of technology
  • filing and prosecution of domestic, conventional, national and international patent applications
  • advising in relation to infringement and validity of patents
  • patent watches
  • patent novelty searches
  • patent renewals

Patents Group

  • Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences
  • Food industry
  • Engineering

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