PCT Application

The PCT application is filing a well-drafted patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), in order to obtain patent registration and approval in any or more of the contracting States or parties to it, whose number till June 2011 was 144. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) was incepted in the year 1970 for such purposes, and is governed and regulated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Thus, the PCT application is of an utmost elegant and great, unified and standard means for acquiring patent rights and patent protection in one or more of its contracted countries, through a single patent application.

Global Jurix, one of globally famous full-fledged legal organizations of the world, essentially and preferably provides an exclusive and complete range of legal services for PCT applications one behalf of investors, companies, institutions, and business corporations belonging to countries of the world over. We Global Jurix offer not only perfect and scrupulous PCT filing services, but also the proper patent prosecution services for all patent applications filed under the PCT.

PCT Application Filing

The PCT Application Filing is optimally productive and profitable for doing international business. Our fully-informed and well-experienced lawyers and attorneys of the patent law, intellectual property law, and corporate law, carry out punctiliously and expertly the PCT filing services and PCT application prosecution. Our impeccable legal services for PCT applications aim to provide the best possible services to our clients of the world over, and handing over to them the requisite patents rights in the shortest possible time.

Our PCT filing services starts from the very drafting of a patent application as per the latest rules and guidelines. Thereafter, the application is filed at the Receiving Office recommended. The International Searching Authority (ISA) then conducts thorough patent search for the purpose of forwarding a formally written statement regarding the patentability of filed patent application under it. Generally after about 30 months from the filing at RO, the patent application enters the national or regional phase, for further investigation and verification. Therefore, not only the proper filling of patent application at RO, but also punctilious prosecution for it, is necessary, for the best possible outcome.

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