Power and Energy

Power and Energy are vital motive force for operation and smooth running of all power-consuming equipments, systems, and industries. The majority of commercial and other activities and works are fully dependent on uninterrupted, ample, and undisputed power and energy supply, in most of the sectors of economy, everywhere in the world. Therefore, Global Jurix, one of the globally reputed legal organizations of the world offering a full range of legal services, also provides decent and impeccable legal services for power and energy sector. Enabled by a team of well-learned, qualified, and well-experienced lawyers and attorneys specialized in the power and energy law, we provide the following wide range of legal services to the power and energy sectors of India and all other countries of all across the world, scrupulously and promptly.

The power and energy law encompasses all statutory laws, regulations, and policies, regarding the exploration, development, production, exploitation, distribution, and consumption of various types of power and energy, essentially including the Electricity, Oils, and Gases. Demographic, Pollution, and Environmental laws too are involved in these affairs. We deal excellently and effectively with these all types of matters and things, and also with the taxation, insurance, and diverse legal disputes and litigations incurred regarding these all, anytime.

Power and Energy Laws and Legal Services

In the twentieth century the power and energy law paid an exclusive attention to the natural gas laws and regulations, in addition to other areas of power and energy. Scarce resources, increasing pollution, ever-growing demands, and worldwide competition, etc., have been responsible for greater requirements for elegant and visionary solutions to the diverse problems in the power and energy sector. So far, we (www.globaljurix.com) have advised and helped most profitably a large number of private and government companies and organization, multinational corporations, industrialists, financial institutions, power plant owners, power suppliers, fuel and power distributors, and others, over the following matters, regulatory compliances, and disputes.

We have represented our clients of the power and energy sector of all around the world before the pertinent regulatory authorities, courts, tribunals, financers, and other concerned national or international bodies. The following are our main and popular legal services for power and energy sector, as per the concerned and governing power and energy law applicable in the region:
  • Establishment of Power Plants, and Power Generation and Distribution
  • Exploration and Development of Petroleum Oil and Gases
  • Advice on Short and Long Term Power Purchases and Supply
  • Transmission or Distribution Systems and Logistics
  • Plant Facilities, Safety, and Security
  • Power Plant Acquisition and Financing
  • All requisite Documents, Contracts, and Agreements with concerned individuals, companies, or regulating authorities
  • Pollution and Environment laws
  • Labour and Contract laws
  • Taxation and Insurance
  • Power and Energy Disputes and Litigations
  • Power and Energy Marketing

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