Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Global Jurix is in sync with its main and ultimate objective of serving people punctiliously with top-notch legal services, without hurting or harming them in any way. Every lawyer and member of our internationally reputed law firm of Delhi seeks to benefit its Indian and global clients/visitors (including the website visitors/readers) with the desired information or services, without hurting the privacy and legitimate dignity, or harming the familial, occupational, or social reputation of our any client/visitor.

To meet these objectives, we strictly keep confidential all pieces of information related with our clients and website visitors, which they ever share with any member of our highly prestigious and reliable law firm of India. The gamut of such information essentially includes their individual Names, Email IDs, Telephone/Mobile Numbers, Residential/Official Addresses, Bank Account Numbers, matters related with our law services or their queries or short mails, and information related with online financial and other transactions. But, we are not answerable to the privacy policies of all those websites/companies, the web-links of which may ever be found on any web-pages of ours well-prepared website.

However, we may ever in future, opt for conducting some campaigns or ads on the internet from time to time for public information, with intentions to help the greatest possible number of people and companies in future, using some unobjectionable and harmless information related with some happy clients and intelligent visitors of our law firm/website. In this campaigning connection, the following things must be noted by our percipient and sophisticated clients/visitors belonging to India and abroad:
  • No any single piece of sensitive or objectionable information relating to ours any client/visitor shall ever be misused or shared with others by us. Only some pieces of the clients' information mentioned above, will be likely to be used in campaigning or ads.
  • Those clients/visitors who do not want their any information to be ever shared with any third parties or used in any such campaigns or ads in future, can freely contact us through the following Email Opt-Out Link: .
  • Only first-party or first-hand information (sent directly to us from clients/visitors themselves) are uploaded or shared with third parties. Any information even trivial or unobjectionable, related with a person aged below 13 is not used for our informational campaigns or ads.
  • Our extensive gamut of sensitive information covers all those pieces of information which are likely to humiliate, harm, or damage the individual privacy, self-esteem, dignity, and familial, occupational, or social reputation of our clients/visitors.
  • We shall follow strictly the rules and regulations of all those prestigious online media, through which we conduct such informational campaigns or ads on the internet.
  • We may sometimes in future use informational cookies (relating to our visitors) for advertising, measuring promotional effectiveness, or promotion of trust and safety on the internet. Such cookies will strictly follow all the rules/ provisions/ conditions mentioned above. However, we may not control the use of such cookies by any third parties in future.

Lastly, wise suggestions from legal experts and sophisticated lawyers, companies, and entrepreneurs, are respectfully invited, to make ours this privacy policy better or impeccable!

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