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A private equity firm manages investments in the private equity of potential and growth-oriented companies, under and through some well-devised investment strategies. The most common and popular investment strategies are Leveraged Buyouts; Venture Capital; Growth Capital; Distressed Investments; and, Mezzanine Capital. Global Jurix provides elegant legal services to all categories of investors, companies, and business organizations regarding these all private equity matters.

The private equity is the total equity asset consisting of all equity securities in the successful and growth-oriented companies, which are not to be traded publicly through stock exchanges. The private equity (investment) funds raised from all types of investors, serve as the working capital for the expansion of company; or for adopting new technologies; or for launching new products; for making acquisitions; or for restructuring or modifying the management, operations, or even the ownership of the company. The bulk of the private equity investments by the institutional investors are made through the traditional assets (such as Public Equity and Bonds), and some alternative assets that include Hedge Funds, Real Estate Funds, Mutual Funds, Art Funds, etc.

Private Equity Law Practice

Global Jurix is one-stop solution to a broad range of private equity problems and questions. We have been helping companies, and business or other organizations of diverse sectors in structuring and raising their private equity funds for their specific strategies, and also the investors for making secured and highly lucrative investments in the private equity (funds). Matters of capital market and money market are dealt with, as per the requirements of companies and investors. We have matured, experienced, and veteran private equity lawyers and attorneys for devising innovative, secure, tax-advantageous, highly profitable, and ever-enriching private equity investments and private equity funds,---- under the highly volatile global market dynamics and intense competition. Our all legal services regarding private equity are dependable, greatly beneficial, responsible, cost-effective, and relationship building.

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