Public - Private Partnership

PPP involves a contract between a public sector and a private party, in which a government service or private business venture is funded by both the parties and executed through a partnership of public authority and private sector companies. A public- private partnership covers all types of collaborations between the public and private sectors, where public sector delivers policies, infrastructure etc.

There are various types of public- private partnership
  • Public Ownership and operation
  • Quasi public agency
  • Operations assistance
  • Contract operations and maintenance
  • Contracts operations and financing
  • Design/ Build/ Operate
  • Lease and Operate
  • Joint Ownership
  • Private Ownership
The firm advises both domestic and international players on the development and implementation of infrastructure projects. The firm has assisted clients in various projects including financial institutions, public regulators etc.
  • The firm advises clients regarding:
  • Drafting of bid documents
  • Bid process management
  • Due diligence of proposals
  • Share purchase agreement
  • Dispute resolution

When a PPP policy is established a legal review should be carried out as part of an overall assessment of the enabling environment for PPP'S. This involves assessment and legal requirement which are provided by us.

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