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The real estate development and its Businesses have been evergreen and really booming, not only in India, but also in all across the whole world, from time immemorial. Well-rounded development, progress, and prosperity of every nation is closely connected with developments and flourishing of its all types of real estate property, essentially including housing and road infrastructure, industrial and commercial buildings, shopping and marketing complexes, academic buildings, catering and hospitality amenities, hospitals, and so on.

Thus, vast and vital is the importance of real estate property development for a bright and magnificent future, both for its people and the whole country in general. Global Jurix one of the globally famous and accredited legal organizations of the world, offers responsible and impeccable real estate services regarding the planning, financing, development, leasing, managing, selling and purchasing, etc., for all above mentioned types of real estate property, in India and abroad.

Real Estate Service Areas

Reliable, economical, and prompt real estate services of Global Jurix have been immensely beneficial to every person, company, agency, and other entity dealing with matters and works of real estate property of diverse types, for a long time, in India and abroad. Our percipient and discerning clients start from the Convenience Store Operators to the Multinational Real Estate Developers; in between are Building Contractors and Owners, Landlords, Real Estate Property (both commercial and residential) Owners and Managers, Real Estate Brokers and Agents, Engineers and Architects, Material Suppliers, and small to big real estate Buyers and Sellers. The following are our main and specialized services in the real estate sector:
  • Acquisition, Leasing, Sale, and Disposition of all types of real estate property
  • Planning and Construction of real estate property for diverse purposes
  • Real estate Financing for a wide variety of Commercial and Residential real estate property
  • All types of Agreements and Contracts for real estate property development
  • Real estate Dispute Resolution
  • Real estate property Taxation
  • Construction and Design (including Architecture) claim Prosecution and Defense
  • Wise and expert legal advice regarding the Regulation and Management of all types of real estate property
  • And, all other types of matters related with real estate property and its commercial transactions.

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