Technology and Innovation

Creative, efficient, lucrative, and magnificent Technology and Innovation, have been shaping and guiding development and progress in all small and large sectors of industries, commerce, and economy of every country, since time immemorial. On the other hand, Technology Transfers have paved the way for advancement and profitability to individuals, companies, institutions, and organizations of these sectors, belonging to the same or foreign country, in all across the whole world. Therefore, a sensible and visionary legal organization like Global Jurix, would not ever like to spare such sector of paramount importance and utility, without providing an all-encompassing range of decent services related to this (technology and innovation) sector.

We ( ) have been rendering all necessary services for promotion and refinement in the technology used for products and services, and innovation of better ones (techniques and technologies) to industries and companies of diverse sectors of industry and commerce, and also to institutions, universities, and educational organizations, well-established in India, and other countries of all around the world. A large number of Technology Transfer Offices, too, have utilized our ingeniously sound and impeccable legal services, essentially including technology transfer arbitration. Our well-learned, experienced, and expert lawyers and attorneys provide punctiliously all literary, regulatory, mandatory, analyzing, and counseling services, from beginning to the end, to accomplish perfectly technology and innovation copyright and recognition, and smooth transfer of technology from ingenious or foreign countries.

Technology Transfer Arbitration

The Technology Transfer (also known as Transfer of Technology, or Technology Commercialization) is the process of performing transfer of technology, knowledge, or expertise to company, industry, university, or governmental organization of the same or foreign country, for utilization and business. It is by virtue of technology transfers that the overall productivity, efficiency, usefulness, and profitability of all types of Products and Services, in almost all sectors of commerce and economy, have enhanced amazingly, in countries of all across the world.

Global Jurix offers well-rounded legal and requisite support and services for easy, smooth, safe, profitable, and wise transfers of technology, through ingenious and discerning technology transfer arbitration. We have been extending services to the Technology Transfer Offices of a large number of companies, industries, universities, and governmental departments and organizations of countries all over the world, for accomplishing perfect and secure technology transfers. Our technology transfer team is ornate with well-informed and eclectic lawyers and attorneys, mellow economists, innovative engineers, well-experienced and discerning marketers, and research scientists.

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