In the modern age of electricity, electronics, information technology, and internet, the sector of telecommunications, has widened and enriched as never before. This telecommunication sector contributes substantially to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and economy of every developing country, and also to the employment potential and opportunities in the country. Keeping these striking facts in mind, we also provide a wide range of highly creative and profitable legal services for telecommunication sector, of countries all around the world. Our telecom law services cover all fields of modern telecommunications and include Telephone, Radio, Television, Internet, Multimedia, Wireless Networks, and so on.

Lawyers and attorneys of Global Jurix ( ) knowledge of most of the fields of telecommunication sector, and enriched experience of decades, and resources of worldwide rapport and network, for providing highly productive, practical, expert, and reliable telecom law services, to both providers and users of various means of telecommunication. Our regular and loyal clients are a large number of famous electronic equipment manufacturers, telephone companies, broadcasters, cellular and private radio licensees, satellite channels, telecommunication service providers, IT companies, outsourcing organizations, multi-national corporations, and other related industries of the Governmental and Private sectors. Our practical know-how of real commercial markets, and ingenious and discerning approaches, collectively enable us to minimize the risks associated and maximize the profits obtainable.

Telecom Law Services

Our telecom law services encompass almost all fields of the telecommunication sector, and include legislation and regulatory compliances for the radio and television broadcasting, wireless networks, cable systems and transmission systems, radio and satellite frequencies, multimedia, and many more. Our scrupulous and economical legal services for telecommunication sector, are provided under the following categories of services:
  • Licensing and Broadcasting
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • All Regulatory Compliance
  • Software Development
  • Multimedia
  • Outsourcing Arrangements
  • Sales, Mergers, and Acquisitions
  • Technology Platforms
  • Corporate Governance and Transactional Issues
  • Commercial and Appellate Litigations
  • Privatization
  • Telecom Financing
  • Capital Markets
  • Strategic Joint Ventures
  • And, all types of Dispute Resolution concerned with Telecommunication sector.

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