Tourism and Hospitality

The Tourism and Hospitality sectors are of substantial and vital importance and utility, both to people and economy of any country, developing or developed. Owing to development in the financial income and status of people, in sectors of economy, easy and fast means of travel and aviation, and the spirit of global tourism, the industries of tourism and hospitality sectors have become quite developed, hectic, competitive, and responsible. They have to strictly comply with a great many laws, rules, and regulations to all concerned governmental authorities at local, regional, national, and international levels, for smooth and flawless running of their businesses.

Again, for their easy survival under ever-increasing competition and optimally profitable business, they also need visionary planning resulting in scrupulous but solicitous hospitality services for better and greater customer or consumer satisfaction. Global Jurix, therefore, offers an all-encompassing range of legal services for hospitality sector, to cater to all these requirements excellently.

Our reliable and responsible tourism law services and legal services for hospitality sector, are highly profitable to all individuals, companies, agents, and organizations involved in the tourism and hospitality sectors, such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, travel agents, clubs, resorts, banks, financers, property developers, and so on. Our elegant services range from the very inception to the most lucrative and booming business of all these people and entities.

Tourism Law Services

Our ( tourism law services are greatly desirable for overcoming the ever-increasing national and global competition in the tourism industry, and for growing overall productivity and profitability of businesses in this sector. Ours team of expert and experienced lawyers and attorneys in the areas of real estate law, construction law, commercial and corporate law, aviation law, immigration law, labour and employment law, environment law, tourism law, and laws pertaining to the hospitality sector, can help all people and businesses in the travel and tourism, leisure, entertainment, and catering & hospitality industries, most impressively. Our legal services for hospitality sector cover the following services:
  • Establishment of Tour and Travel Agencies
  • Accomplish all mandatory and regulatory Compliances
  • Furnishing all requisite Contracts, Agreements, and Approvals
  • Health, Safety, and Security of Customers or Passengers
  • All necessary Licensing
  • Hospitality Structures Development
  • Sale and Purchase of Businesses and Franchises
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Labour and Employment Law
  • Environment Law
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation
  • Passenger Claims
  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Travel Insurance Claims
  • Hotel and Resort Guest Claims
  • Travel Compensation Law
  • Advertising
  • And, all other matters and disputes related to the tourism and hospitality sectors

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