Trademark Application

The trademark application is the act or instance of applying for the registration of a Trademark. The trademark application is tedious and scrupulous task, as it involves the trademark search, drafting and filing trademark application for trademark registration, and then, prosecution in favor of the trademark application at the Patent and Trademark Office of the concerned or desired country or countries. These all pieces of work require up-to-date information about the trademark rules, regulations, and procedures; expert and wide legal and other advices, and well-rounded support of experienced trademark lawyers and attorneys.

Global Jurix, one of the globally prominent legal organizations of India, is well-connected and well-experienced to provide these all services for trademark application and registration in India, and all other countries of all across the world, quite promptly, economically, and gratifyingly. Our advices over the selection of a trademark, trademark application search, drafting of trademark application, and prosecution techniques, all are kept confidential.

Trademarks Application Search and Process

It is best and safest to carry out a trademark search before the filing for trademark registration, to be rest assured that your selected trademarks is brand new and unique, and do not conflict with or infringe on any already registered trademarks. Our trademarks application search and process involves this task also, along with all other trademark application processes necessary from time to time. Our trademark search services through experienced trademark lawyers are fast, discerning, and scrupulous.

After a 'no conflicts or infringement' trademark search result, our well-informed and experienced trademark attorneys start preparing for the trademark application in the desired country. They furnish all demanded official formalities, and tackle objections if any. Our trademarks application search and process is rather fast, responsible, innovative, and cost-effective. So far, we have helped a large number of individuals, enterprises, companies, institutions, corporations, and organizations of diverse sectors of economy, in accomplishing their trademark searches, trademark applications, tm application prosecution, and the trademark registration quite easily and quickly.

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