Trademark a Name

The "Trademark" is undoubtedly one of the most magnificent and vital intellectual properties of a company. Also called as a "Brand", a trademark serves many vital functions for stability, profitability, and growth of a business in any economic sector. This trademark could be a name, symbol, sign, marking, or any other unique and distinguishing indicator. Again, a trademark distinguishes any product of a company from the products of all other companies existing in the concerned jurisdiction, especially in the same sector of business.

In addition to serving as the origin identifier, a trademark/service mark also helps in making the product striking and popular, and in enhancing the reputation of the concerned company in the related marketplace. On the other hand, the logo of a company directly promotes the grand image of the company in the said jurisdiction, along with evincing the aims and ultimate vision of the related company. Both these types of intellectual properties are served expertly by our well-resourced and globally prominent law firm of India, well-established in Delhi. Our masterly service for 'trademark a name registration' is described in the lower section, along with the services for 'trademark a logo registration' in entire India, to help our Indian and global visitors and clients of all economic sectors.

Trademark a Logo

Global Jurix offers services to trademark a name or logo in India strictly as per the Trade Marks Act of 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules of 2002, and all amendments made thereto so far. The process to trademark a logo is almost the same as that of trademarking a name. Trademarks and service marks belonging to all internationally accepted 45 classes of these have been adroitly served by our trademark lawyers of international fame. The following all-encompassing tasks and processes are performed efficiently by them, in this connection:
  • Comprehensive and expert guidance for creating a trademark or logo in any occupation field
  • Designing of the proposed trademark or logo
  • Making free trademark name and logo search nationwide for verification of uniqueness
  • Filling in up and filing the application for registration of the trademark or logo, with the relevant regional trademarks office (Form TM-1)
  • Tackling possible cases of trademark opposition, and extending punctilious trademark prosecution for registration
  • Lastly, getting the certificate for registration of the trademark or logo.

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