Trademark Renewal

The most important part of any business is its trademark. A trademark should be properly protected. By protection we mean filing and registering the same with the Indian Trademarks Registry. A trademark is registered/valid for a period of ten years and thereafter it has to be renewed for a period of every ten years. If a trademark is not renewed before the expiry of its due date than it gets removed from the register of Registrar after the completion of due procedure. Renewal of trademark is extremely important. Registration of Trademark doesn't guarantee protection of a trademark for life time. If an applicant intends to protect his mark properly than he has to apply for its renewal after the completion of every ten years starting from the date of filing of the application.

Trademark Renewal Services

A trademark should be properly watched every now and then, in order to ensure that it being processed in a nice and smooth manner. Once a trademark gets registered it should not be taken into consideration that it will be automatically protected. A trademark is protected after registration only at the payment of requisite renewal fees required to keep the same alive. It is to be noted that even after the expiry of renewal date a trademark can be kept active by paying the surcharge within six months from the due date, also it can even be restored within one year from the date of paying the renewal fees. At Global Jurix, we keep a full and complete database of the entire trademark applications filed through the company and thus are committed towards providing maximum assistance and satisfaction to the clients.

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