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In order to protect a mark it has to be filed before the Trademarks Registry (governed by the Ministry of commerce). But before filing the same, one should ascertain the likelihood of the mark by conducting trademark search. Trademark search not only confirms availability of the mark but also brings into existence all the like marks which may hamper or cause problem to the captioned mark in question. Today every individual, company, firm and organization is aware of the importance attached with its trademark.

As everybody knows that a business is recognized in the market not by his owners or director's but it is indeed recognized by its trademark. Trademark guarantees quality, price and customer satisfaction provided by a particular company. A product is and always recognized in the national or international market only by its trademark. Trademark portrays the goodwill of the owner among the customers and perspective buyers. One of the finest advantages of trademark search is that, even if a particular mark is not available after search you can still proceed with the filing of the mark by bringing modifications as per the needs of the search report.

Earlier in India there were two types of trademark search (official and online).The cost and time limit for providing the search results under both the types were different. But now it has been made free for all and there is no system as official and online. Any person can obtain the search report within minutes by accessing the site of the Indian Trademarks Registry. Thus, it is highly recommended to search the mark before filing so that its availability can be confirmed and the problem of opposition and litigation can be avoided accordingly.

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